Tableau #Makeover Monday wk31 Not Saying Groin

This week’s theme was fun 😀
How and what do the various media say about the sopt of men’s that area.

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The Many Ways The Media Gets Around Saying [Groin]



I didn’t even know the word GROIN. And I was surprised that there are many kind of various expressions of that.

中には知らず、へぇ〜ってのもありましたし、一番ポピュラーな GROIN という単語を今回初めて知りました。

Cross-tabulation table for Tableau ?

The original file provided as .xlxs was just the same as the table above ↑
It was a cross-tabulation table and I didn’t handle this well.
So I useed the .tde file. Its data sours was database list format.
I think it’s better for Tableau. (Or me ? )

.tde の方はデータベース形式に近かったのでこちらを使いました。

New York Times,Groin
Washinton Post,Groin
CBS,middle section

Tableau にはこういうデータベースのリスト形式が本来合っています。


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1 Groin Rules !

This week I made a story.

First, there are so many various expressions but, GROIN rules.
TV stations and Old Media almost use this word. On the other hand, New Media and All Others use more various expressions.

Not Saying Groin


まず、圧倒的に GROIN が多いですね。多彩な表現が数多くある中で、全体の 45% を占めています。

2 Direct expressions and NOT direct ones

BTW, looking at the words, I found two kinds of expressions. Direct ones and NOT direct ones.
Which is more used ?
It’s almost the same.

But looking at this issue by each media…

Wow, there is a distinct difference ↓

Not Saying Groin (1)

さてさて色々様々な表現があることにビックリしますが、よくよく見ますと次の 2種類の表現があることに気付きます。

  • より直接的な表現
  • 遠回しな婉曲的な表現



はっきり違いますね (・∀・)!!

3 TV stations and Old Media don’t like the direct expressions

For our comprehensive understanding, I integrated the same groups of words.
Oviously we can see that the New media likes various expressions and the Old media rely exclusively on GROIN.

Not Saying Groin (2)

新しいメディでは直接的表現も含めて様々な表現を使っている一方でテレビ局や古いメディアはぼぼ GROIN 頼りですし、直接的表現はほとんど使われていません。


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