Week 26 – Dashboard Design Contest

For week 26, we are supposed to makeover the Makeover Monday dashboard.
So I think it’s about the expressiveness of making cool, beautiful and easily comprehensible dashboard. And we don’t need to tell the story.

But I took refuge in the excuse that I dare to tell the story I found in the data source.

As I watched over the data source and made some worksheets,  touched them in some ways, I found something I wanted to tell.

How the Makeover Monday goes -

Here is my .tbwx in Tableau Public.

When I made the worksheet of the subtotals of members of each numbers of their posts, I found most of the visualizations were made by only 20% members.
They are the 42 Tableau Jedis.
And this is the typical Pareto principle aka 80-20 rule, I guess.

And if we post 7 visualizations, we will be the top 20% guys of the #Makeover Monday.
And someday we’ll be the Tableau Padawans (・∀・)!!

I’ll be happy with your feedbacks and comments.
For my advancement of Tableau skill, please leave your comment and feedback me. Thank you !

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