The MUMMY : Tom rules

ザ・マミーでのトム・クルーズがスゴい (・∀・)!! と監督や共演者が褒め称えているビデオがクールだったので引用しておきたいと思います。

The Mummy is gonna have great action and real thrills.
We wanted it to be wild and violent and erratic and spontaneous.

Tom Cruise

To have Tom Cruise in this movie is so huge for us.
It just changes the game completely.

Alex Kurtzman

His energy is infectious.
He’s gotta top himself every time action-wise.

Courtney B. Vance

His passion, his drive, his determination lights the way for us all.

Annabelle Wallis

He fills you up with this childhood enthusiasm where you like.
I wanna make the movie that Tom sees.

Jake Johnson

Tom, he’s really good at pushing to keep it real.

2nd unit director/Stunt Coordinator
Wade Eastwood

As much as I would love to slam my head against the wall for a few more takes.


Tom’s in the vehicle and yeah that brings on the nerves and he’s a fast driver.

Graham Kelly

I really did think okay let’s just put stunt men in there and then Tom’s like yeah sure I’ll go in it.

Sarah Bradshaw

I just found out I’ll be running down a building that collapses.
And I say to Tom “let’s pull the plug on this one, my dude. Let’s bail out.”
And there’s gonna be that adrenaline rush and you gonna love it, and then you gonna go like alright let’s go again, let’s go again.

Jake Johnson

He loves it.


We’re going zero gravity inside a real plane.
Tom always pushes the boundaries and this is one of those.

Special Effects Supervisor
Dominic Tuohy

Did we get it?
It’s great.

Tom brings out the best of everybody he’s in a scene with.
And he brings every ounce of energy he has to his performance.

Alex Kurtzman

I felt very brave around him.
He inspired a bravery and that’s an incredible gift to give someone.

Annabelle Wallis

I’ve never seen somebody that committed, in my life.

Sofia Boutella

 To have everyone feel proud about the effort they’ve spent to make something of quality, that means a lot to me.


You’re the only actor in the world who could find their frame mid-air, three times.
It’s really me!…It’s really me!…It’s me!…

以上。Tom rules…

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